About Us

əˈbēl/ Wikipedia Link

Abele is another name for the White Poplar, a tree with beautiful, shimmery leaves and deep, stable roots.

We chose to name our company after this magnificent tree because we are a brand that focuses on family, quality and fashion. Our roots run deep and our products will bring joy and beauty to your home, while also being very functional.

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Based in Kernersville, North Carolina, the entire ABELE™ team is committed to helping modern families outfit their homes with comfortable, stylish products.

Our bath mat offerings provide you with safe, yet chic, solutions to make your bathroom more attractive and safe.

Our baby products are all about making parenting even more fun with baby- and child-friendly options thoughtfully designed to delight children and give parents peace of mind.

To that point, ABELE™ products are made to last, and we strive to be as eco-friendly in our manufacturing and shipping processes as we can.

We hope you enjoy your Abele™ home goods as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

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