Animal Duck Fish Giraffe Bath Mat


Animal Duck Fish Giraffe Bath Mat

SKU: UPC 851829005147

Stand on the water. This extra soft, slip-proof Abeleā„¢ pebble bath mat turns your bathroom closer to the nature.

Product Description

ABELE ® Design Non Slip Baby Kids Safety Shower Tub Bath Mat, Mildew Mold Resistant, Rubber w/ Cloth Coating (Animal Giraffe Duck Fish)

Product Size: 27.5in x 15.7in x 0.2in
Product Weight: 1.8lb


  • Safety First. Strong grip suction cups for max skid-resistant slip-free results.
  • Extra Soft cute animal (giraffe duck fish sheep hippo) cloth coating design that gently massages your feet.
  • Made with Rubber. 100% Latex Free. Mildew Resistant. Easy to Clean.
  • Slipless for Security, Stylish for Fun and Beauty. Eco-friendly Materials.
  • Durable for years. Best when used on non-textured bath tub surfaces.

Instructions for Product Use and Care:

  1. Thoroughly clean both sides of bath mat with water before use.
  2. Clean and wet the surface intended for mat placement.
  3. Place the bath mat flat on the floor of tub or designated bathroom surface.
  4. Step or press firmly onto bath mat until all suction cups are anchored to surface.
  5. Before use, make sure bath mat is securely adhered to designated bath surface.
  6. Clean periodically with mild detergent and water. Avoid direct sunlight to reduce risk of damage to mat.